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Prime Emporium

Prime Emporium has been trading for more than four years and is now a leading supplier to a number of major retailers within the UK.

We have grown slowly during this time to ensure that we can always provide a focused approach to each of our customers needs and offer excellent levels of service in a competitive marketplace.

Throughout this growth period we have continued to offer a unique and exciting product range that constantly changes to reflect consumer demands and market trends.

We currently have in excess of 500 products in our range to cater for a varied customer base that includes Convenience Stores, Garage Forecourts, Garden Centres, High Street Multiples, Motorway Service Stations, and Newsagents.

A large proportion of our range can be found via our website shop. We do however import specific items for some of our customers on an exclusive basis and sell other products solely at public shows held at various venues around the UK during the year.

Our website is dedicated to offering all customers an easy relaxed shopping experience in which to select a specific product for themselves, a family member, friend or a special occasion. All of our customers enjoy a secure payment process, quick delivery and complete satisfaction.

We employ a number of experienced staff who are constantly looking at the way we operate, the prices that we charge, and the speed and efficiency of our service.

We do however welcome any feedback that you may have, via the telephone or e-mail, to ensure that we are always meeting with our goals and your needs.

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